about: team


Jane Snyder, AIA | Partner 

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania 

Bachelor of Design, University of Florida  

Study Abroad at the American University of Paris and in Vicenza, Italy 

Stefan Eder, AIA | Partner 

Master Program Architecture and Allied Art, University of Oregon, Eugene 

Diploma of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Stuttgart, Germany 

Jennifer Cortes | Partner 

Master of Architecture, University of Colorado 

Rachel Lee, AIA | Project Architect 

Master of Architecture, Tulane University 

Study Abroad at the Mackintosh School of Architecture 

Angeline Askham, AIA | Senior Architect, LEED AP 

Bachelor of Architecture , University of Washington 

Study Abroad at Syracuse University, Florence, Italy 

Karen Tadmor | Designer, Project Manager, LEED AP  

Master of Interior Design, Pratt Institute 

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Maryland 

Study Abroad at Lund University, Lund, Sweden  

Kash Vinjamur | Designer, Project Manager, Revit Guru 

Bachelor of Architecture, University of California, Berkeley 

Emily Parker | Designer, Associate AIA 

Bachelor of Architecture, Fay Jones School of Architecture, University of Arkansas  

Study Abroad at the University of Arkansas Rome Study Center, Rome, Italy 

Claire Peterson | Interior Designer 

Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Colorado 

Rhode Island School of Design 

Melissa Livingston | Designer, LEED AP 

Master of Architecture Savannah College of Art and Design 

Jessica Nevin | Interior Designer 

Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of Colorado 

Ricardo Zamora | Designer 

Bachelor of Architecture, University of San Francisco 

Barbara Litke | Director of Operations 

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Colorado 

Francis Silagon | Designer, Project Manager 

Bachelor of Architecture, California College of the Arts 

Roberto Samarron | Designer 

Bachelor of Interior Design, San Jose State University 

Jason Gonzalez | Junior Designer